Popeye not the only one who Loves Olive Oil


 .. I love this shampoo.. it lathered up so nice with just a bit of shampoo, and it felt so nice on their coat. the dogs are so soft and clean and shiny.. I recommend the olive oil shampoo to all who want to know.. love it( Nikki Green Olive Oil Shampoo)

Dana and The Doggies

We are proud to now offer Nikki Green Olive Oil shampoo in six essential oil choices! Nikki Green Olive Oil Shampoo is an eco-friendly line of dog shampoos made without harsh detergents, chemicals,artificial coloring or toxins that can harm and dull your dog’s precious coat.
Nikki Green offers only the purest ingredients nature has to offer: 100% consumption-grade Aegean olive oil, Spring Water
Mediterranean Sea salt and essential Oils.

  • Why is Olive Oil Shampoo good for your dog’s skin?

Olive Oil is a great skin protector. It is a natural substance and has no added chemicals. Your loved one’s skin and coat will be extra shiny, soft, and clean and conditioned with  Olive Olive shampoo.Nikki Green is PH balanced for your dog’s skin. The PH level is between 8 and 9. (The higher the PH the better.) B etween 70% and 80% of pure Olive Oil is used in each of  the Nikki Green Shampoos. Nikki Green Dog Shampoo contain no Sulfate, Paraben, SLS or Artificial color and is bio-degradable.

“Lavanda” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.(Original Formula)
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil and Lavender Essential Oils.
Lavender Essential Oil has antiseptic,calming, relaxing and anti fungal properties.
It helps healing cuts, wounds and burns.
It is an excellent repellent for Mosquito, bugs and fleas.

“Limoncello” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil, Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils.
Tea Tree Essential Oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
It is used to prevent infection and is a great repellent to Mosquitoes and Fleas.
Lemon Essential Oil has refreshing and clean properties, it makes the hair strong, healthy and shiny, it also helps reduce dandruff.

“Mandarino” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil and sweet Orange Essential Oil.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil has antiseptic, refreshing and calming properties.

“Melissa” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil and Melissa (Lemon Balm) Essential Oils.
Melissa (Lemon Balm) has antibacterial properties.
It helps to calm and relax the muscles.

“Menta Verde” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil and Spearmint Essential Oils.
Spearmint Essential Oils has antiseptic, very refreshing and calming properties.
“Rosemarino” Olive Oil Dog Shampoo.
Is the combination of high quality Olive Oil and Rosemary Essential Oils.
Rosemary Essential Oils has antiseptic, refreshing and calming properties.
It plays a big role in making hair grow long and strong.
it is good for dry scalp and dandruff issues.

 Some Excerpts in this post Via Becky Starr LA Pet Care  Examiner

Exercise Good for You and Good for Your Dog



Exercise is often seen as a health issue, but it also has a huge effect on your dog’s behavior. All dogs, especially puppies and young dogs have a lot of energy, which if they’re not allowed to burn off, can be manifested as bad behavior.

Most dogs that develop problems such as separation anxiety, aggression, nervousness and many other behavior disorders have not been given enough exercise. Dogs are animals that need to be challenged and enjoy working. Taking your dog out for a daily walk is an excellent way to provide mental stimulation. Remember a big back yard, which is just a kennel to your dog, is not an adequate substitute for exercise.

There are many different types of exercises you can do with your dog. When you decide on which exercise or combination of exercises you want to do with your dog, you’ll want to consider your dog’s energy level, breed, age and health. Just because you may have a small dog doesn’t mean he/she needs less exercise. Some dogs are perfectly happy with a 20-30 minute daily walk, whereas other dogs might consider it barely a warm-up, although the walk would certainly help stimulate their mind.

Listed below are some types of exercise you may want to do with your dog. You can choose different activities based on the energy level of your particular dog.

Walk your dog – Walking your dog is a great way to promote training and exercise your dog at the same time. If your dog possesses a higher level of energy you may want to add a dog backpack to your walk. This will give your dog a job to do and make your dog work harder while on your walk.

Take your dog for a bike ride – I like to take my dogs out for the occasional bike ride as a way to mix up their exercise routine. I prefer to ride in a place where my dogs can run off leash. This is safer for both my dogs and me. When I do have the dogs on their leash, I only take out one dog at a time, and I like to use a bike attachment to help keep my dog from pulling me down.

Go rollerblading with your dog – This is a great way to let high-energy dogs burn off a lot of energy in a short period of time. I really enjoy rollerblading, because it gives me a chance to get some aerobic exercise at the same time my dogs get their own exercise needs met.

Swimming – This is great for almost every dog. It provides low-impact exercise for your dog that can’t be beat. Swimming is especially beneficial for older dog’s suffering from arthritis because it won’t cause undue stress on their joints and muscles. I also like taking my dogs out to swim during the summer months because it offers a great way to let them cool off.

Doggie Day Care – If your dog gets along well with others a doggie day care can provide a good way to exercise both his/her mind and body. Dogs often come home after a day at the day care worn out and happy.

How do you exercise your dog?

Pumpkin…not just for Pies! (via All Dogs Big and Small.com Business Barks Blog)


Taste the season!!

Pumpkin...not just for Pies! If dogs could pronounce “pumpkin,” they’d ask for it Four flavorful blends, each naturally rich in beta carotenes, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E. All are Pumpkin Powered™ —a low-fat fiber-rich superfood with a taste and texture that dogs love—along with harvest-fresh fruits, vegetables and specially selected organic ingredients. No wheat … Read More

via All Dogs Big and Small.com Business Barks Blog

Learn More about Organic Ear Wash

Dog ear cleaning is an important part of dog hygiene. Some dogs are more susceptible to ear infections than others. Floppy-eared or furry-eared dogs, such as the cocker spaniel, are prone to ear infections. Lack of air circulation within the ear, accumulation of moisture, bacteria, fungi or mites can cause dog-ear infections.
The product you choose is also important as well as seeking veterinary attention to rule out any problems requiring medical treatment.

 Read more about why Bella’s person chose an all natural Ear Cleaner with preventive properties.

via blissful-reviews.com » Pet Event Day 2: All Dogs Big & Small Organic Ear Wash Review & $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway.

A Big Bark was Had by All


 We are always Amazed at  how “Dog People” just seem to bond at a dog event. 

We spent last Saturday at a an annual fundraiser for our local humane society , fun food. contests and did we mention …dogs!

The Niki Green Olive Oil Shampoo was a big seller as well as Bubba Roses Organic Fun Fall Treats…especially the Football cookies!

From the BIG to the small we saw them all see more pics on Tay Czar’s Tidbits

Woofs and Wags

Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. – Auction Home Page – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction



Check out this link fur a worthy cause and maybe win a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Our Store…many other cool canine things to bid on too!

Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. – Auction Home Page – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction.

Happy Bidding!

Organic Fun Fall Dog Treats

Bubba Rose Organics

Pleased to Now Offer Bubba Rose Biscuits For Dogs

We sent Rin on a mission to find us some fun, seasonal themed dog treats to add to our selection. Imagine our delight when he discovered Bubba Rose the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company provides healthy, preservative-free dog treats; made with organic and natural ingredients and free of wheat, corn and soy. All treats are handmade in small batches in their bakery in NJ using locally sourced humangrade ingredients from the U.S. All of the meats & eggs are free-range, grain and/or grass fed, hormone, antibiotic and nitrite free. Their products are free of chemicals, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, colors and fillers. Just key ingredients for great tasting Fun! Theyalso support rescue and adoption agencies and shelters nationwide by raising money and awareness, and donating treats.

Organic Fun Treats

Game Time Eats , Healthy and Fun