There’s Never Been a Better Time To Be a Dog


Except for the fact that Labradors seem to be Americas number one dog and German Shepherds are number two…, this Dobe barks there’s never been a better time to be a Dog!

Fruits and fish and veggies …oh my

Hemp for canines well what the dog! Why should felines have all the fun with catnip?
So once we quit BOL and they realize this is way better than
Marijuana Brownies and legal too!

I suppose Our Humans Will Be Topping Off Their Steaks!

Products tested on people aka (human grade ingredients); The only problem with that is I have to keep an eye on Mom ever since I caught her using my Aroma Paws paw cream on her feet and Aroma Paws Natural Bug Repellant…what’s next my Wild Salmon Food Toppers for a little protein boost?

We’ve come a long way Doggie!

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