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Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. – Auction Home Page – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction



Check out this link fur a worthy cause and maybe win a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Our Store…many other cool canine things to bid on too!

Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. – Auction Home Page – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction.

Happy Bidding!


We’re Going To The Humans!


This is what I’m Barkin’ About!
Remember my former growls about my Skin Mom scarfing my Aroma Paws Pad Cream for her feet, then sharing myAll Natural Repellent Spray?
“Products tested on people aka (human grade ingredients); The only problem with that is I have to keep an eye on Mom ever since I caught her using my Aroma Paws paw cream on her feet and Aroma Paws Natural Bug Repellant…what’s next my Wild Salmon Food Toppers for a little protein boost?”
Well here’s the latest…

Three of the Utopian Dog Bowls we carry at
are going on a voyage to be used as non-slip, anti-bacterial feed dishes…for Humans!
Now don’t bark me wrong , Mom thinks it’s awesome that these bowls were chose from us to be part of such an awesome adventure!
as for me …I bark better the bowls go than me!!


So, the folks come home the other day and of course I assumed the wiggly furry thing was a new toy for me…HA! Not so!
Much to my dismay I now have a Little Sister!
I suppose that next she’ll be running the company alldogsbigandsmall. com

Since she’s still small ( I refuse to believe that I was ever that little) Mom is even looking at T-shirts for her…well I did get a new collar with some bling for Christmas and I have bandannas, but no T-shirts…Hey mom they do make them in my size !

Bamboo & Hemp For Dogs!


NuHemp Omega Sauce 

Bamboo and Hemp have been in the canine news a lot lately and with good reason.


Hemp oil is touted for it’s nutritional value in supplements packing a high amount of linoleum acids, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for skin health to maintain a protective barrier between the outside and inside of the body.

As an oil, hemp actually has a superior ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, with the Omega 3 component being in a higher, correct ratio to the Omega 6 fatty acids. This actually makes hemp oil preferable and superior than flax seed oil, which has been long been the gold standard as an excellent source of Omega 3.

Hemp is also able to be made into a strong durable fiber. Since hemp has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties it is ideal for dog collars . Hemp is a fiber that breathes and hemp is grown without the use of pesticides it is especially good for sensitive skin.

Hemp is a sustainable crop; it grows well with out the aid of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Hemp can replace wood fiber and save forests for watershed, wildlife habitat, recreation, oxygen production and carbon sequestration-reducing global warming.

For the most part, hemp is grown without pesticides because it is a much hardier plant which makes it less vulnerable to insects, pests, drought, mildew, and other poor growing conditions. Therefore, it is easier to grow organically without pesticides and other chemicals. In this regard, hemp is good for the environment and our bodies.


Makes a wonderful material for dog collars and clothes as it is

• Naturally Anti-bacterial & Odor Resistant

• Hypoallergenic, UV Protection and Natural undyed Webbing

 • More Absorbent & Fast Drying than any other natural fabric on Earth

• Breathable and thermal regulating keeps pet  cooler in the hot summer!
• 100% Biodegradable eco-friendly

•  No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers and nothing genetically modified.

bamboo Pooch

Wagging Green Bamboo Collars

Truly the greenest fiber on earth!