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Learn More about Organic Ear Wash

Dog ear cleaning is an important part of dog hygiene. Some dogs are more susceptible to ear infections than others. Floppy-eared or furry-eared dogs, such as the cocker spaniel, are prone to ear infections. Lack of air circulation within the ear, accumulation of moisture, bacteria, fungi or mites can cause dog-ear infections.
The product you choose is also important as well as seeking veterinary attention to rule out any problems requiring medical treatment.

┬áRead more about why Bella’s person chose an all natural Ear Cleaner with preventive properties.

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Movies I Finally Saw During Christmas Vacation!



I’ve been quite busy, with the business, so many gifts to ship…so many treats to taste test!

But, Christmas comes but once a year…and I get to snuggle with the folks and watch the movies of the past year(s)

My folks are what they like to call “frugal” when it comes to movies, this translates to we don’t watch them until they are on “Pay Per View”, if Mom really wants to see it, or on a Free HBO channel when we have a complimentary trial period!
Well, anyways…during Christmas week, there were several “Dog Movies” on FREE
Mom has been wanting to see them , so we watched.
Following is my Paws up or Paws down Review.
Bark Back with your opinion.

I was miffed to see that the “Bad Dog” Diablo was , you guessed it …a Doberman??
AND the hero was a German Shepherd, the same breed as my fur brother, Rocky
My ears will never hear the end of that! Mom sez I am being to sensitive, and she liked the movie. But, this is my sblog, sooo, I give it two paws up and two paws down for breed stereotyping…hey, there are some mean Poodles out there too!

Hotel For Dogs

How Cool are those kids!! Although she liked the moral behind the movie, Mom found this movie a tad far fetched…but I bark, a Dog can Dream, and I would check in there in a heartbeat!
I gave this movie three paws up. Remember, I can’t give four, cos I need one to stand on.
Marley and Me
Mom and Me agree…too sad of an ending!
Mom felt the plot was really more about the human family until the end and then…BAM,
Marley is going to the rainbow bridge and it was just to poignant for our taste.
I gave it three paws down, cos I don’t like to see Mom cry!
Snow Dogs…yes I’ve seen it before
AND I still love it! those dogs are my idols, their ears and tails flying in the wind, eating raw fish for dinner…what a life! Mom dreams of being a master musher or is it ms.ter musher?
Three Paws Up!
Well that’s what’s happening around this house.
How about yours?